is buying a title legal?
YES, the legalities of the process are legal. You can legally change your title in the UK. According to UK law, you can call yourself anything you choose, as long as there is no fraud involved.
Is buying a royal title legal?
There’s an important point to clarify here. You can’t buy any royal titles in the UK, such as Duke, Earl, Viscount, Baron (or their female equivalents). It’s illegal for anyone to sell such titles, and they can only be inherited or personally granted by the Queen. Beware of any websites trying to scam people by claiming to sell such titles. What you can legally purchase is a set of titles known as manorial titles. These include the titles Lord and Lady. Which most of us would be quite happy with!
Can my title be used on legal documents?
Buy your title using an official and reputable title change service and you’ll receive a legal document. This will explain all that you need to do to ensure that all your legal documentation contains your new title. The instructions you’ll receive with your title pack are fairly straightforward and easy to follow.
How do you get yourself a Lord or Lady Title?
Now that we’ve established that it’s legal, let’s get into the ‘how’. There are a few different ways someone could get a Lord or Lady title: Inheritance - which isn’t something any of us can control! Auctions - if a Lord or Lady is selling their title along with their manor house. This can be very pricey as it comes with a property A life peerage - it’s possible for the Queen to make someone a Lord, based on recommendations by the Prime Minister or the House of Lords Appointments Commission. These people could then sit in the House of Lords. You can get yourself a Lord or Lady Title using a title service company. This is an affordable and accessible option. Finally, there’s the easiest option. You could change your first name to Lord or Lady using a deed poll. More on that below.
How much does it cost to buy a Lord title?
Lordships (also sometimes called ‘Lord of the Manor’) are the most popular titles bought and sold in the UK. Get these through an online title service and you’ll be given a certificate of your title and a title deed. Note that a title gained in this way won’t give you access to the House of Lords, and it certainly won’t come with a country manor in tow. In terms of price, these title packs can be purchased online from between £25 to £200. Although getting yourself a legitimate manorial title is very much possible, it’s not exactly cheap. You can expect to buy a Lord title at auction anywhere upwards of £5,000. There have also been instances where Lordships have gone for a lot more, including the notable case in the 90s when the title Lordship of the manor of Wimbledon’ was sold for over £150,000. Note that these titles are often sold along with the manor house that they’re associated with. In which case, you can expect to pay a pretty penny for them
Can I call myself Sir?
Keen to be addressed by a different title such as Sir or Dame? Sadly, it isn’t possible to buy a title such as Sir, or the female equivalent of Dame. Beware of any websites trying to sell you such a title - there are many online title scams out there.
Can I use the crest and seal?
Yes, the title crest and estate crest are not heraldic coats of arms but can be used in a similar way by title pack holders to represent their personal connection to the title. These unique crests have been specially created to reflect the history of the title and the estate and have been hand painted exclusively for title pack holders.